Cryptocurrency Trading Mastery by stefan Masnikovic

Cryptocurrency Trading Mastery

A complete and "no-bullshit" guide to Cryptocurrency Trading & Investing

The first ever STEP-BY-STEP guide to achieving financial freedom through cryptocurrency trading

In the cryptocurrency there are two sides, the loser who don't know how to markets works and the winners who have attained the needed edge through proper education.  We will teach you a simple, rules-based strategy which is designed to keep you on the winning side.  This strategy helps you to identify key market turning points and major moves, way in advance.

This course is FOR YOU if you want to learn...

  •  how the foundation of the crypto space actually works                      
  •        how to evaluate high potential cryptocurrencies before they explode
  •        how to identify market turning points with low risk/high reward trades
  •     how to ensure you get the best price and manage risk appropriately
  •    how to make consistent profit by using advanced risk management. 
  • how to creata a passive income with 3-4 trades per month              


What students are saying

"To be honest I had no idea what a cryptocurrency even was before I took this course. Everyone around me was talking about cryptocurrency trading and investing while I had no idea how to even start. This course taught me absolutely everything from the workings of Bitcoin to the west / eastern trading strategies. It feels like I am now making "free" money next to my full-time job. Thanks guys!"

But what if...

Afraid that this course might be too advanced for you? Don't worry. This course is developed in such a way that anyone with no prior Crypto knowledge or trading knowledge will jumpstart his trading skills. We distilled the most essential information for you, from years of experience of Trading & Investing in the Cryptocurrency markets and years of public speaking about Cryptocurrencies. This way you will only gain value-adding knowledge and insights without the bullshit.

Still not convinced? How about you start with our free course "The Basics of Cryptocurrency". For free! And with free we mean 100% free, no subscription or automatic payments of any sort.
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The Crypto space is getting clogged with investors who have no idea what the technology is about. By watching this course you  will master the foundational knowledge of the Crypto space and better analyse and manage digital asset. If you want to know WHERE Cryptocurrencies come from, WHAT makes them truly special and disruptive, HOW to get started with buying your first Cryptocurrency and WHY you should always educate yourself instead of blindly listening to so called "crypto guru's", then watch this course RIGHT NOW. FOR FREE.

After watching these video you will learn:
  • How to safely and securely enter the digital currency market
  • What the Crypto Hype is all about and how Bitcoin will change the world you live in
  • Which resources are needed to manage this new currency market
  • How to start your journey of becoming a trader
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What's included?

Video Icon 19 videos


Free content
1. Introduction
2 mins
2. Origin and History of Bitocin
5 mins
3. How to get started
10 mins
4. Impact of Bitcoin on the society
5 mins
6. Introduction Trading
6 mins
7. Before you dive into learning
5 mins
8. Trading in the Crypto Market
5 mins
Tier 1
9. The Fundamentals of Bitcoin
19 mins
10. Long term Investment Strategies
8 mins
11. Traders Mindset
7 mins
12. Introduction to Technical Analysis
9 mins
13. Trendlines and Trend Reversal
18 mins
14. S&R Lines and Volume
9 mins
15. Trade Management
6 mins
16. The 6 Rules of Risk Management
6 mins
Tier 2
17. Advanced S&R, Volume and Trend
23 mins
18. Technical Indicators
31 mins
19. Bollinger Band & Fibonacci
16 mins
20. Candlestick Analysis
27 mins

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