Cryptocurrency Starterpack: Buy, Store and Trade like a Pro by stefan Masnikovic

Cryptocurrency Starterpack: Buy, Store and Trade like a Pro

A step-by-step course on how to Buy, Store and Trade Crypto like a pro

What's included?

Video Icon 7 videos


1. Introduction
3 mins
2. What is Bitcoin
6 mins
3. How to store Bitcoin / Cryptocurrencies
9 mins
4. Where to buy Bitcoin
9 mins
5. Pre-Foundation of Trading
18 mins
6. Technical Analysis
17 mins
7. Technical Tools
27 mins

Your Platform To Financial Freedom

"The First Step To Financial Freedom Is Investing In Yourself, The Second Step Is Making A Return On That Investment"


I have absolutely no knowledge of Bitcoin, is this course to advanced for me?

No. This course is great for beginners, even if you have no clue what Bitcoin or Crypto is.

The course is split up into 2 parts:

  1. First part is about: What is Bitcoin, How to set up your first wallet, how to buy your first Crypto etc...
  2. Second part is about: How to set up your first trade, some technical tools for analysing price charts and recognizing trends.

So even if you already have some Crypto this course will teach you some skills and tools to improve you Technical Analysis to make profitable trades. We also discuss the psychology of Trading Cryptocurrencies and go in depth in some technical tools.

So even if you're already a Trader I guarantee you will improve your trading after taking this course.